COVID-19 Vaccinations

Conley’s will be partnering with local towns and businesses running vaccination clinics in the area. As we book events we will keep everyone informed via our website and facebook. Please follow our facebook page for the most up to date information. It is difficult to set up future appointments and schedule in-store clinics. We will balance our time between large clinics and will try to accommodate some small appointments instore but will focus on larger events where we can service and accommodate more people.


Wait/List – prescreening questionnaire

Not your phase yet? Please click the following link so we can help identify when you will be eligible for a vaccination. We will send out a notification when Charlie Baker decides to open up your group and you can start scheduling appointments

2nd Dose Inquiry

We understand your 2nd dose for the COVID-19 Vaccine is coming due. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is not forthcoming about vaccine supplies. Any questions about Vaccine Availability can be directed to: The Office of the Governor Charlie Baker - 617-725-4005

Moderna Vaccine is due 28 days after the first shot, Pfizer is due 21 days after your first shot. If you received your shot at a scheduled clinic we will be in touch with towns/groups to schedule second clinics. If you received a first dose as an “extra-dose” at a clinic please fill out this form so we can arrange an appointment for your second shot.