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Carex SunLite Bright Light Therapy Lamp by Day-Light


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Carex SunLite Bright Light Therapy Lamp by Day-Light


Day-Light is the #1 brand for light therapy. These lamps are designed based on the recommendations from leading experts. Carex Day-Light light therapy lamps help boost energy, improve sleep via insomnia light therapy, and improve moods. They work by resetting users’ circadian rhythm to boost energy and improve sleep. They’re especially effective for anyone that may struggle during the fall and winter when sunlight is sparse. You’ll feel the effects by just using the lamp 20-30 minutes each day.

At just 13.40″ x 8.80″ x 2″ the Carex Sunlite fits perfectly in any tight space such as an office desk or on a side table.

The Carex Sunlite offers 10,000 LUX from 10″ in a compact size. It features a discreet kickstand, doesn’t take up a ton of space, and has a modest design. Making it perfect for any office or home living space.

Using the Carex Sunlite is simple, safe, and effective. Use the lamp each morning (close to after you wake up) for 20-30 minutes. Sit 10″ away from the lamp, with it facing down at you. Add it to your morning routine while you read, eat breakfast, or work on a computer. You’ll feel the effects as the lamp mimics sunlight, resets your circadian rhythm, and gives you the needed boost in your health and wellness.

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