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November 27, 2020
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Pampered Pets Pure & Simple Outdoor Essentials Collection Gift Set


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Pampered Pets Pure & Simple Outdoor Essentials Collection Gift Set

The essentials for keeping your pet healthy and clean outdoors, and out of trouble from pests.


Non-Toxic Flea & Tick Spray

Make Your Own Natural Flea & Tick Collar. This safe and natural spray uses the power of essential oils to protect your pet from fleas and ticks for up to two weeks without exposing your pet to toxic chemicals.

Detangling Spray

Mats are no match for this detangling spray. Made with gentle ingredients, this formula helps condition and soften tangled fur, making it easier to maintain your pet’s coat. Beneficial botanicals help soothe itchy skin while moisturizing and deodorizing.

Soothing Paw Balm

Perfect for tender and itchy paw pads, this soothing balm helps moisturize and heal damaged paws. Made without petroleum-based ingredients, the natural formula is lick-safe and toxin-free.

Natural * Vegan * Cruelty Free

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