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June 26, 2020
Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup
June 30, 2020
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Alkalol Nasal Wash 16oz Bottle


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Alkalol Nasal Wash Mucus Solvent and Cleaner 16oz Bottle

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Nasal rinsing with ALKALOL provides relief from congestion caused by allergies, cold, flu, and sinus symptoms. ALKALOL’S unique blend of invigorating extracts and essential oils loosens and washes away mucus, helping to reduce nasal congestion and sinus pressure.


    Alkalol’s blend of natural ingredients helps clean mucus from your nasal passages. During nasal irrigation, Alkalol flows through your sinuses clearing irritants such as dust and pollen. It also helps improve overall nasal hygiene by preventing mucus from gathering in your sinuses where it can become the breeding ground for bacteria. Alkalol helps you breathe easier.


    Some people use Alkalol when they feel a cold coming on. Others use it daily as a preventative measure. Alkalol is formulated for use as often as needed and we believe it remains your choice as to how often you use it.


    Alkalol is intended for use at variable strengths depending on personal preference and thickness of mucus. We recommend starting with a “mild” dose and adjusting accordingly. Alkalol is recommended for use with the Alkalol Nasal Wash Cup. But please feel free to use it with another nasal pot or irrigation device. Just remember that each delivery system is different and you may want to adjust the amount of Alkalol to compensate.

Ingredients: purified water (usp); menthol; eucalyptol; thymol; camphor; benzoin; oils of wintergreen, spearmint, pine, and cinnamon; potassium alum; potassium chlorate; alcohol (2/100 of 1%) caramel color.

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