Conley’s Drug Store is a collection site for Veritas Genetics COVID-19 PCR molecular testing.

Price $120. FSA & HSA cards accepted. Veritas is currently not taking any insurance at this time however, receipts can be provided for insurance reimbursement.

Veritas COVID molecular test is performed in a high complexity CLIA certified laboratory using sensitive PCR technology, considered the gold standard of COVID testing.

Same day results if sample collected between 7AM-11:45AM.*

Samples collected after 11:45AM results next day in the evening.*


Appointments available Monday through Friday.

Nasal swab samples are collected outdoors in the parking spaces at the side rear of the building.

To schedule an appointment go to and select Conley’s Drug Store as your location.

This expedited PCR diagnostic test should not be compared to other COVID tests commonly referred to as “rapid tests”. Generally speaking “rapid” tests are also referred to as Point of Care tests and vary in their sensitivity and accuracy depending on test manufacturer and latest published data. Some rapid tests, such as antigen tests, recommend running a PCR test as a confirmatory test after positive results.

For purposes of travel, most states and foreign countries require a PCR based test for entry. Please check specific state/country guidelines for the most up to date information.

For Frequently Asked Questions please visit

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Our compounding specialists' primary goal is to achieve positive therapeutic results for the patient.

Compounding allows the pharmacist & physician to expand the therapeutic options beyond what the major drug manufacturers offer. Most medications that are mass-manufactured are produced in only the most prescribed dosages. To be able to customize the dosage and delivery method gives the patient many significant advantages. Our pharmacists partner with you and your physician to find a solution that meets your unique needs. Some of the reasons to consider a compounded medication include:

  • Allergic reactions caused by preservatives
  • Difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets
  • The need for a customized drug strength
  • Flavored pediatric suspensions
  • Transdermal medicines for topical applications
  • Chewable troches or lozenges in unit doses for day care, school or camp


Compounding is also available for your pets' health need

We can create a flavored suspension of the prescribed drug, making it much easier than trying to get your pet to swallow pills. A standard dosage may be not enough for a Labrador Retriever but too large for a Corgi. Working with your veterinarian, we can compound the correct dosage and deliver it in a flavor that is acceptable to your pet. We can also compound for larger breeds of animals.

Compounding may be the answer to your healthcare needs. Stop by our Ipswich store for a free consultation. We welcome the opportunity to find a solution that is right for you.